Seborrheic Dermatitis Success Stories

“Impossible to thank you enough for your post. I have had Seb Dem since 2010 on my forehead and it was very severe and unsightly.

Four days ago, I made up a solution of salt flakes with a little warm water and dabbed in onto the affected areas with cotton wool, rinsed off a few minutes later as it does sting a little at first. By evening, much of the redness had gone. I did this morning and evening (have now been leaving it all night) and for just 3 days and today was the first day in 4 YEARS that I have been able to leave the house without wearing makeup. My forehead feels soft again.


“Thank you so much for posting your article. I read this and started applying warm salt water every evening and morning. Before i was applying natural oils to try to fix the problem and it was only making it worse. In just two days my face is back to normal. God bless!Donovan B.
“Amazing. On your advice bought the salt, within 24 hours SD is 85% gone. This is after ten years of mixing hydrocortisone and ketoconozale every night on my t-zone and using zinc soap. Can’t wait to share this with my derm next month. Now into the hard work – finding the source! Thanks again. You rock!”Delfin P.
“THANK YOU THANK YOU THANK YOU! I used the Dead Sea Salt s and it stung like hell and tasted awful but after 5 days, my redness has gone away, the peeling is almost gone, the red bumps have gone away! I AM SO RELIEVED! THANK YOU!

I am working with a naturopathic doctor who thinks wheat is triggering an allergic response. I have very low stomach acid and chronic yeast infections. We’re working on all of that now. But thank you for your solution to the symptom, this being seborrheic dermatitis. It has also helped the peeling on my scalp that used to embarrass me like crazy. I’m taking baths in the Sea Salt s and it has made the yellow scales on my scalp go away, too! thank you!!


I really have to write you, because you have helped me to solve a problem that I have had for twenty two years. I woke up one morning when I was in high school and my face was just different from when I went to bed the night before. There began a journey of misery. Of course as a young girl I panicked to went a purchased all manner of face products to have the problem corrected. Some stuff worked for a few days some did not. I went to five dermatologists from then until now and none have been able to help me. My problem became my reason for not wanting to take photos much because it was just one dark oval structure.

Five days ago, I read your article and thought that it sounded like nonsense, not using soap and oils. I thought if my face was already so dry and then being told not to moisten with the oils that I us; olive oil, coconut oil, shea butter and I use generous amount and I still have dryness, let alone not using any, what kind of a face will I now have? Anyway, I decided it would not hurt to try. At the first attempt, I used no soap, I was amazed. I used warm water to wash to open up the pores and clear it of impurities and then used cold water and washed to close back the pores. I dry and then held my breath, this cannot be true. My face was not burning, not stiff, not dry. Moreover a little while later I could feel the natural oil from my body coming onto my face, which provided moisture. I did the same routine twice a day and watch each time how my face would feel.

I should let you know though, that on the second day, I notice my face started clearing up and I told this to someone. However today being my fifth day, I had a meeting with a friend of mine, and what do you know, she asked me about my face. “Your face does not have that darkness on the sides of it anymore,” and I went on to inform her. She said however that my forehead and chin and around my nose and mouth was still dark. I told her yes they still are because those are the darkest areas. However I pointed out to her that the pigment in those areas have become lighter though and I notice that on my chin there area clear spots appearing showing signs to the worst affected spot on my face is even being cleared. It has only been five days, however my face is far way better than it has been for years.

I really do thank you a million for this posting, I wish everyone who has this problem could see it. It has caused me a lot of pain throughout the years, and I wish others who are experiencing this could put it behind them once and for all.
Marie P

Read your advice on dermatitis last night, washed my face as instructed, and for the first time for a couple of weeks my skin feels normal!

It’s early days yet and after suffering with rosacea for about eight years, this was my first bad flare up of dermatitis but the relief after just washing the one time was amazing.

Thanks for the advice.”Andrew

“Hello there,

Found your Web page yesterday as I woke up with a horrible flare up.  I followed your directions and saw a dramatic improvement.  Repeated the treatment at night, woke up this morning with it completely gone.  Wow!!!!

I wanted to thank you so very much for taking the time to post such a well informative page.  I am a very happy person again because of you.

Many blessings to you,”
“I signed up for this site, seriously just to thank you….my fiance was struggling with this and nothing seemed to help – the Dead Sea Salt has been a miracle! It helped with my face as well, as I’ve been struggling with just normal ‘adult acne’. I did learn the hard way right away, not to overdo it – I did go from having cleared up skin to almost burning it, so I’m finding a balance with doing the salts and oil cleansing on alternate days.

As far as getting to the root of the cause….to each their own, but I want to share with those out there looking for answers – that we decided to do the GAPS diet, and we are not looking back. It helped us determine that Sugar was causing Josh’s flare ups….as soon as he ate a sweet after a month of being on the elmination diet, everything flared back up. We were annoyed on the diet because it’s restrictive…until we realized how much it was helping us. Now we’re back on round two and loving it this time!”KC


Here is my routine every night and it seems to work wonderful. So thank you very much I appreciate your post it has made me a much happier person J

I put ½ cup of Minera dead sea salt into a 1 gallon jug (making salt water use ½ cup of sea salt to 1 gallon of tap water). I then get into the hot shower to open up my pores and then pour the gallon jug over my head rubbing it in like shampoo.

I also purchase a dead sea salt mud soap bar that I also use in the shower when I shave my face works great.

For people with a lot of thick scalp issues (dry skin in scalp) like mine I take a pinch of sea salt in dry form filling up my palm get my hand wet just very little and hard rub the salt it in to my scalp it stings like crazy but seems to work very well. I do this once a week so I don’t rub my scalp raw.

Yes If my face is dry I do use the Aveeno that stuff works great. Thank you for that info.

Thanks again for all your information and help.”Jason B.

“Thank you for your website, its been more helpful than all the doctors and specialist I have been too<3<3<3”Kodi H.

Wanted to say thanks!! The dead sea salt was amazing!! As was all of
your advice. I agree that everyone’s condition will be different, too
many false gurus out there trying to make a few dollars on others
misery. You summed it up nice.

I had the dermatitis for about two years, nasal region, tried the creams
etc., it always returned in two to three weeks. Currently, looks much
better, I think the rebound effect of the creams will resolve slowly but
looks and feels great which as you know is a real self esteem boost.
I had not eaten meat for 10 years, and was consuming fish which I
recently began to avoid, I follow the dietary rules as well but I
suspect I had been suffering from a combination of B vitamin, mineral
and amino acid deficiency because the incorporation of all has made
a tremendous difference. I am using the sea salt 1x/day at night with

Anyway, just wanted to say thanks!”Greg B.
“First off, lemme just say that as soon as i washed my skin with the salt, the itchiness was COMPLETELY gone. holy crap.

I have/had this condition on my scalp near the back of my head for about 4 months. It started off as mild dandruff (as a result to my excessive hair dying) i figured it would go away in a week or so if i just put some oils on it the make the dryness go away. wrong. it just got worse, and soon formed to what i unofficially diagnosed as “Seborrheic dermatitis”.

I found out that the cause of this was my hat. I have short hair, and i’m trying to grow it out. And we all know that while short hair grows out, it flip-flops between stages of awkward, horrible-looking lengths. so i bought one of those baggy oversized beanies that the stoner kids wear, and started wearing it everywhere. well, i guess my hair wasnt used to it, and freaked out, making excessive oils in response.

so i guess what i’m saying is its not only what you eat, its also conditions that would cause this. today, i learned.

Anyway, thanks again, this post saved my hide! literally!RYHW
“I have been suffering with SD in my scalp for over 2 years. I have tried everything and nothing has worked. Until this. I started doing the treatment to my scalp once a day 3 days ago. After the first day my scalp had markedly reduced redness and the flakey skin was gone. Now, 3 days later, There is no sign of the inflammation. AMAZING! Thank you so much for posting. I was getting desperate. :-)”Fiona
“Hi I have suffered Seborrheic Dermatitis since 1985 and had all sorts medication prescribed with very poor results from them. I come across your must read site went and got some Dead Sea Salt yesterday, followed your instructions and after two applications the results are very impressive and promising. Many thanks.”Bill J. from Scotland
“Thanks you so much for posting this you amazing human being. The salt water removed my symptoms completely after 2 washes. Weeks later it still works. I am very grateful!”Mr. Cordes
“Amazing. I tried this because I was desperate, have had this for years but got really bad about 15 years ago and just kept getting flare ups, the cortisone creams worked at first but it is as if my body got used to them and they just stopped working, my condition would last for months before it would just go away but would be back within months, this was around my nose mostly (sides).

Thank you for posting this, this made sense and I know that Sea Salt cures almost anything on earth, it is s gift to mankind… But you are right, the Dead Sea Salt is the best one.

My flare up healed immediately but the little bumps kept coming up for a few days, I read another post here that said not to give up, sometimes it gets worse without getting better, I believe it is just clearing the area and removing the yeast and it is a bit of a process, within a couple of days no more weeping blisters, within a week the swelling skin and over production of skin was drastically reduced, in two weeks a little bit of darker pigment, three weeks like I never had it, the scarring is almost gone…amazing, thank you… Thank you.

I am a public figure, doctors never told me a thing about this
You are a blessing, please spread this around for all the hopeless, there is hope!!

Eat healthy, sleep, don’t stress and do this cure….”Lafer
Great article and actually works, what a blessed relief! I would strongly recommend (in addition) Malki Dead Sea shampoo and conditioner, life will never be the same again!

Thanks for saving me fruitless and expensive attempts at a miracle cure when I had it in my cupboard all along! As for the aveeno moisturiser, the cherry on the cake!”DBR
“I’ll start by saying thank you, as so far the “Cure” has worked for me. I am using dead Sea Salt for my face and it is the best facial “medicine” i have ever used, and i have gone through so many such as french Green Clay (which is also very good).

I use this whenever i flare up, and it completely curbs the red itchy patches and turns my skin into something amazing.Alex T.

I just wanted to thank you so much for writing this! I fought dermatitis for 3 long years. I didn’t even know that’s what I had for a long time. My face slowly got worse but I didn’t connect the culprit until my face had already become disfigured and very swollen from all of the complications. I think people with this kind of dermatitis and Rosacea should seriously know that alcohol can really wreck it. My face was not distinguishable at all! (And this went on for a good year).

I had tried every essential oil and medicine on the planet. I had a horrible reaction to steroid cream as well. So after I figured out alcohol was the culprit, which seemingly took forever, I quit drinking of course and went on an alkaline diet. (which wasn’t easy as I had a fairly serious drinking problem.) You are right though, maintaining a good diet and detoxing can do WONDERS. It can help reverse a lot of damage but most importantly it can reset the body to its natural status. I had a hormone imbalance and multiple cancer scares as well during this process. Needless to say I am fine now.

I use Dead Sea Salt and Aveeno all the time. And most importantly I stay away from oils and excess lipids like the plague! My skin has had such a turn around! And as far as this article goes it absolutely saved my skin and possibly my liver.

I will always be forever grateful for finding this write up! And thanks so much for posting it!”Prophetzer0
“Thank you so much for your detailed advice. My son developed SD last weekend after we suspect he ate some bad oysters or possibly used a new shampoo. He has always had a slight rash on his torso since he was a baby but it was very hard to detect because it never got red or itchy. But there were always patches of slightly rough skin around his trunk.

Anyway the SD developed on his forehead, behind his ears, upper back and chest. The forehead was the worst though. Red, oily looking and puffy. After the first dead Sea Salt wash the redness went away. Then the dead skin started to exfoliate off after the next couple of washes. It took about five washes to get it to the point where it was barely noticeable. He also bathed in the Sea Salt last night and the SD on his back and chest cleared up by the next morning.

We did not use a moisturizer because his skin wasn’t overly dry so I thought it best not to add anything. I wish more Drs would suggest non pharmaceuticals. I had a similar situation with my daughter when she developed Molluscum Contagiosum. The Dr tried to freeze her bumps off which was very traumatizing for her and me. I found a post online on how successful tea tree oil was at removing MC. Three weeks of tea tree oil and they were gone painlessly I should add. The doctor even gave us advice that would have made them worse (soaking the area in water and Epsom salt)!!

So thank you again for sharing your story.”Luckycanucky
“Thank you so much for this post! Seriously, this is the best information and advice regarding Seborrheic Dermatitis that I have found!

I had a pretty bad flare up all over my face lasting for about a week and it was very slowly starting to heal but it was still red, tight, and flaky at times. I got home from work and followed your instructions for the Sea Salt cleanse. My skin was a bit dry after washing with the Sea Salt, so I put on the Aveeno eczema therapy moisturizer afterwards. My skin was a bit flaky a couple hours after, even after moisturizing, but I carefully scrubbed off the flakes and noticed that my skin looked moderately better that night and the next day. I washed my face with the sea salt for the second time when I got home from work the next day. I added more sea salt than the first time (I don’t think I added quite enough the first time) and I also had to use the moisturizer again but I noticed it really cleaned my skin well. I still had a few red spots and minor flaking that night; however, the next day it was completely gone!

My skin looks 99% better and I really cannot thank you enough! The Ketoconazole cream and other things my dermatologist prescribed me have never been that great and they made my skin look worse for a little while before slowly starting to take effect.

“Seborrheic Dermatitis has really affected me psychologically at times, giving me anxiety and intense frustration when I have a bad flare up, but the way the sea salt got rid of that flare up was amazing and I feel so much better now!

If you have seborrheic dermatitis, do yourself a favor and follow the advice Matt has given in this post!”Thom D.
“First of all, THANK YOU!

I’ve researched the internet for years looking for solutions for this condition. Just as all have mentioned, I’ve been to numerous dermatologists, spent hundreds of dollars on prescriptions, doused myself in essential oils, and finally understand that this is an internal issue and cannot be mediated with steroids as a long term solution. I’ve suffered with SD for 15 years. Up until a year ago, only on my scalp. The rash finally spread to the visible front and sides of my forehead, my ears, all down my neck, my eyes and most recently beside my nose. The flare ups have become unbearable. Throbbing, itching, red and ridiculously irritating. Scratch, scratch, scratch, ugghhhh!

I was desperate for relief and found this string. Frankly, I could care less if this is a long term solution. I was in desperate need of relief NOW. This condition hurts horribly! When I saw this post, I immediately drew a bath, adding the closest thing I had on hand, (Morton’s, meant for cooking) Sea Salt. I had a cup and 1/4 available. I immersed my scalp and face in the water for about 10 minutes and then rinsed with cold water. Next morning, used himilayan pink salt, aveeno oatmeal and epsom salt in the same fashion as the night before (again, only thing I had on hand). First thing this morning went to purchase the dead sea salt that you suggest. I followed the directions to a T, both morning and night. The results are amazingly impressive! The irritation and burning are gone. The inflamed spots are obviously still there (they were the size of a silver dollar), but are completely drying up and no longer feel like inflamed wounds. They are obvioulsy healing and no longer completely inflamed. AMAZING RESULTS SO FAR!

This is the relief that I have been in desperate search of. THANK YOU!!!!!!!!!!! I’ll post my continued results, but want any one looking to know that this method will absolutely provide immediate relief if you are in the throes of a horrid flare up! Meantime, I’ve added probiotics, multi vitamins, calypric acid, grapefruit seed oil, biotin and A BAZILLION other supplements recommended, as I’ve become desperate. Oh, and I have become primarily paleo. Hopefully this is the end, but more to come…”gethealthyme
“I wanted to thank you one hundred times for this! I would like to explain how it worked on me (it may be a bit long); but English is not my mother tongue, so please forgive my language mistakes…

My skin problems started almost two years ago, with a very bad case of eczema all over my body related to an allergy to goose down. Of course I didn’t know the cause of this issue at first, and I tried everything natural I could. I eventually cured it with “Diprosone” (I live in France, it’s the name of the cortisone cream a general practitioner prescribed me then) because nothing was working on me, and the lesions were really painful (I had nummular eczema on the body and dyshidrosis between the fingers).

The problem is that some remained on my scalp. I’m a girl and my long hair was hiding the problem, so I couldn’t really identify what it was. The only symptoms I was actually able to see were itching and LOTS of dandruffs falling each time I touched my head. I didn’t do anything special to cure it as I thought it was going to heal on its own. But almost a year later it was still here, and I started to lose my hair.

For me, this was a tragedy to see these hairballs on my brush every single day, to feel all these hair falling when I was having a shower.

So I went back to the doctor, who didn’t even examine me, and was told to apply a cortisone lotion on my scalp every day. At first it made wonders, my hair stopped falling, I felt much less itching. But when it was time to stop the treatment the problem was still there. It took two weeks for my hair to start falling again; and two more weeks of cortisone treatment for me to realise that it was maybe something else than eczema. I then thought about seborrheic dermatitis, and with personal investigations, I found out that cortisone is indeed effective at first, but just worsens the ailment in a longer term.

When I discovered your post, I was thinking “well, it cannot be worse anyway, so let’s give a try”. I radically stopped to apply cortisone, and then came the magic.

It is a bit difficult to apply the salty water on your scalp, but I tried with a bucket and my flexibility skills, and two days after the beginning of the salt treatment I felt (almost) no itching anymore. I then changed my strategy and tried gently to rub some salt “paste”, made with a tablespoon of raw Sea Salt and tap water, on my scalp before my shampoo, and applied aloe vera gel afterwards because my dry skin couldn’t handle the drying effect on this scrub.

Well, a week later, my hair stopped falling, only with this method, and knowing that I only wash my hair every three days. Today, one month later, I don’t use this scrub every time I wash my hair anymore, but I still do it once a week, and I can’t believe that I can actually scratch my scalp without triggering an avalanche!

This treatment has been very effective on me in a very short time, so I really want to thank you a lot: I don’t lose my hair anymore, and it’s almost a miracle for me! I still suffer from itching sometimes, so I’m going to keep on using this treatment until it is completely gone. The only drawback I’ve found to this cure is that it can make your skin dry if you use a lot of salt like me (because I can’t bathe my entire head in salty water made with the proper dosage of salt); but in my case, some aloe vera gel quickly solved the problem, and I know it is used to cure SD too, so it’s all good! I’ve also started to use apple cider vinegar (diluted in water and put in a spray bottle) to soothe my rare itchings since the time my condition seemed to have improved enough.

So all I have to say is: merci du fond du cœur!”QZ
“Thanks for the detailed post. The salt water is doing the trick for me!! I remember my SD cleared up each time I went swimming in the sea..

I have tried lots of natural remedies (tea tree oil, coconut oil, apple cider vinegar) and am frequently having to get my hands on a prescription only ketoconazole cream which is a pain.”Maximus45