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    Share your seborrheic dermatitis success stories with others

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    Alex W

    Alex W

    I have had facial SD for 25 years or so.

    I have tried many lotions and potions from Doctors and elsewhere.

    Never got rid of the problem with any of these.

    I have had phases where its been better than other times but always there.

    I searched the internet last week found Matts writing on the subject. Very detailed and helpful.

    I have been using Dead Sea Salt twice a day in purified i.e. boiled and filtered water twice a day.

    I put 2 handfuls of the mineral salt in warm (not hot) water and gently wash my whole face with more emphasis on my forehead and nose and area between my cheeks and eyes as this is where I have SD.

    I SAY HAVE BUT AFTER 3 DAYS ITS HAD BECAUSE ITS HEALED UP. Delighted of course what a relief.

    I will do this everyday to keep it away. Many many thanks Matt for taking the time to share this miracle cure with the rest of us. I will be educating my Doctor next time I see her.

    Thanks again


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    When I’m flaring up I spray pure apple cider vinegar on my forehead and scalp just before washing my hair.

    Here is my daily shampoo homemade mix that I use:

    500ML Tea tree shampoo (Treemenda Brand)
    500ML infusion of green tea (1 t spoon loose leaves), rosemary (1small branch) and 1/2 tea spoon of Mediterranean see salt. Mix well.

    It’s runnier then regular shampoo so I poor directly on my wet hair.
    works well to get rid of SD.

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    I had seborrheic for more than 6 years. I tried several medications including steriods which helped a bit at first but stopped working after a while. Out of desperation, I searched online for natural treatments and I finally came across Dr. John’s video on youtube, https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=AdQTrodZdnY

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    First of all let me start by telling you a little bit about me. I am a 57 year old female who started developing a slightly red, very dry skin around my mouth and along my jawline in early October 2016. When I visited my doctor she diagnosed seborrheic dermatitis and prescribed ketoconazole. I applied the medication per the instructions and immediately experienced such a bad reaction that I was told to stop using it. Not wanting to try any other chemically based drug my doctor suggested, I began seeking an alternative, hopefully more natural solution. In my searches on the Internet I discovered that the candida fungus was the likely culprit and that treating the symptoms both internally and externally were equally important and in combination could rid the body of the excess Candida albicans (the little buggers causing the problem in the first place). So, with all that being said, and after a little trial and error, this is what has worked for me. First of all, and most importantly, start attacking the candida fungus head on by switching to the candida diet. This is your first line of defense and will get the ball rolling so to speak. You must stick to this diet faithfully and do not, I repeat, do not waiver from it or you will be taking 5 steps backward instead of 3 steps forward. Next, purchase a good quality internal anti fungal such as caprylic acid or turmeric and take the tablets faithfully every day. This could mean one or two a day depending upon your body’s response to the detoxifying effects. And those effects are not going to be pretty but you will get through it. Finally, purchase a raw, unfiltered honey and good quality sea salt (DO NOT use table salt) (I’m using a 20+ UMF rated manuka honey and a Himalayan pink sea salt). The honey is for washing your face daily and masking every other day for a couple of hours and then rinsing. The sea salt is to apply in a diluted manner ( 1/2 tsp salt to 2 Tb spring water – this should last a couple of days…also the ratio can always be adjusted to suit your skin or area of coverage) over the entire face and left on all day if possible or rinse off after a few minutes if you find it stings too much; however the longer you can leave the diluted sea salt on your face the better! Do not use any other face wash or mask at this time or you will make the seb derm worse. Besides, the honey and sea salt combination will leave your skin clean and soft to the touch. So here I am almost four weeks into this journey, and my skin has almost completely cleared up and to top it all off, I’ve lost 18 pounds (seriously HOLY COW)! If you have seb derm anywhere else on your body, experiment a little bit with the application. I’m confident you’ll see a difference. It’s the combination of treating your body both internally and externally that WILL work. Just be patient and don’t give up! Best wishes and God bless!

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    As soon as I read this site my head went CLICK CLICK CLICK – EverythImg made sense – I’ve had seb derm for 18 months , for 18 months I thought it was roseasha , been through many creams/IPL with no success

    Went on holiday to Portugal and miraculously it cleared up, CLICK CLICK CLICK – filtered water, sea salt and no stress .

    3 days after coming home it’s back again – sad again

    Following my discovery of this site I immediately started the recommendation on here , after 5 days of Dead Sea salt washes and installing a vitamin C shower filter my face has felt 99% better , I have also ditched the 10 or so creams I had to play with and replaced with just one – dermologica moisture balance – mostly my face felt oily and dry at the same time and nothing seemed to work except all of the above , my face feels pretty much perfect although the redness is still there but no burning no dryness

    Dead Sea salt – chlorine free water – dermologica cream


    I will update in a month but after 18 of pure frustration I feel me again

    Good luck all, I know how low this condition can make us feel and we almost think that this is how it will be for ever because the so called professionals are fucking useless but there is hope with the above method, also the fact the root of the problem is probably internal keep to a balanced diet and pro biotics will help tremendously

  • September 20, 2017 at 6:59 AM #2133

    Hi Guys,

    I have found that anything with zinc really helps! I think that seb derm is actually related to malabsorption of minerals from your gut and internal like previous people have said, but using products that contain these minerals (ie salt, especially sea salt) really helps to give your skin the nutrients it needs to balance itself while you heal internally because that does take time and I know how desperate you can be for a solution now. I have found using the La roche posay serozinc spray is really helpful, it’s non-oily, and super easy to just spray all over.

    However I think that these are realistically just treatments, and to really cure it gotta figure out what’s going on that’s preventing absorption. Because at the end of day, as I, and i’m sure you, have been told many times by doctors (and every other health care professional imaginable, you name it I’ve tried it) the skin issues are just a symptom of something else. Candida is definitely an option, except I did the Candida diet about 3 years ago, and even though I maintain a very healthy, relatively low sugar diet, my seb derm still returned. So there has to be something else that’s going on to make us more susceptible to having these imbalances, aside from just your diet. Because some people eat horrendous amounts of sugar etc, yet still don’t develop seb derm. If anyone has any ideas of what might be the root of the cause, aside from it potentially just being “bad luck”, we might be able to really find a long term solution!

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