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    Questions, answers, and experiences with seborrheic dermatitis on the scalp.

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    Hi Matt,

    I found you information, going to implement the sea salt tomorrow for my scalp SD! Hoping this is what I have been searching for. Having major gut issues as well.

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    I’ve tried the Minera Dead Sea Salt on my entire scalp as well as my face for the past three days in a row. Wow! My regiment is as follows.:

    I take a handful of sea salt and mix it with spring water in n a bowl until there is a thick paste consistency . While in the shower I’ll gently massage the sea salt into my scalp and also my face ( don’t open your eyes) and will leave on for approximately five minutes then thoroughly rinse and pat dry the affected areas.

    The first day the affected areas were inflamed which I expected. After following my routine for the past four days I’ve noticed that the inflammation has gotten better on my face and the scalp is looking much better.

    Diet along with purchasing a shower filter that significantly reduces Chlorine as the article mentioned and also promoting gut health (Renew Life Extra Care Ultimate Flora) are important factors that I’ve implemented in my life to curing S. D.

    Hope this helps.


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    First of all thank you for the great website, it has incredibly useful information.

    My story is that it started 3 months ago when massive hair fall suddenly appeared. Before this, I (female) was able to extend washes to 5-6 days and my hair was fine. After a bleaching process in November and possibly a hot oil treatment of Jojoba oil I tried on my scalp, Sebboreic Dermatitis appeared. I have lost over half of my hair as a cause of this, and it still is falling out. My scalp continues to be itchy and oily after just one day of washing it.

    I was prescribed betnovate which is a steroid/cortisone cream, to use every day for two weeks. I used it, and got moderate relief, but the condition is still present. Nothing seems to make it go away, at all.

    I eat a very balanced diet, my hair care routine revolves around using Regenepure, Jason Anti Dandruff Shampoo and a mix of Apple Cider Vinegar and Rosemary Oil. This has brought a tiny bit of relief to my scalp, but the condition persists.

    I tried the Himalayan Salt method last night, and unfortunately see no change in the condition – my scalp remains itchy in its usual parts and I lost a ton of hair while brushing it out once dried.

    What could you recommend for my case? I am completely lost and it has affected my confidence massively. I want my scalp back to normal so my hair can begin to grow back.


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