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    First posting, and I am so glad to have found all this amazing info. Started a year ago during a stressful time ( husband had cancer) . Like most not want to use all these prescribed produced. Have stared bathing with the salt and it amazing. Only been few days. My biggest problem : I am a massage therapist and have been for 20 years. Kept thinking that it may have been something in the workroom . I removed all sepcented everything, now I am reading all your info and it says stay away from oil or oil based products!! So, I am trying not to touch my eyes when working . I have ordered protective glasses! I have finally been allergy tested and it def not an allergy but SB. With irritations. My main irritant is any form of alcohol! And my eyes go burning red in seconds. So just not worth it. My questions: it it ok to use pro topic whilst following routine.? Should I just put little water and salt? It it ok to take an anti histamine? I can’t wear any make up either 😢

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