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    Questions, answers, and experiences with various products for seborrheic dermatitis

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    Does anyone have any experience with this product. Reviews look great. I have used the dead sea salt method and do find relief with it. Also the no or little moisturizer method, but in the harsh cold of Philadelphia, PA in the winter I can’t seem to get rid of a stubborn patch on my chin.

    The rest of my face I can live with but the redness and tiny flakes on my chin under my lips are having me resort to another method. Any intel on the noble formula zinc would be greatly appreciated.

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    I’m familiar with the product, but haven’t tried it myself. I like that it has pyrithione zinc which it can be quite effective for treating seborrheic dermatitis. I know Dr. Cynthia Bailey sells a similar product (soap cleanser bar containing pyrithione zinc), but I have not tried her product either. If you are going to give it a try, let us know your results. Would be interested to hear your experience.

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    Alex W

    Hi Matt

    I live in UK and cannot find a UK based supplier for Pelican filter systems. I contacted Pelican directly in US and asked if my Trintron shower was compatible .The answer came back as NO from Pelican. I emailed twice more asking for compatibility advise and product advise. I have not received replies to either of my emails.
    This is not great customer service from Pelican. They could up their customer service game for sure.
    Can you suggest an alternative filter system I can buy and get good customer service from in UK.
    I have tried chemical filter shower heads from Aquatiere here in UK. I was not convinced by this product.
    I am presently using bottled mineral water to wash my hair and face. I have seb derm on my face only.I use salt once a day and mineral water alone once a day. Plus the Aveemo.

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    Hi matt,

    I have a question about the ingredients of Aveeno Moisturizing Cream you’re recommending.

    I just bought an Aveeno Moisturizing cream (green but different from the one you’re recommending in Cure Symptoms), unfortunetly it doesn’t help, it triggers even more the flare. And I’m curious about the ingredients from what I saw my cream has Sodium Chloride which I think its the reason why it triggers.

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