Author – Matt

Hi, and welcome! Over 20 years ago, in my mid-teens, I was told by a doctor that I had seborrheic dermatitis. Like many of you who have been told the same thing, you are familiar with the next part of the discussion. The doctor told me there was no cure and that seborrheic dermatitis was a life long condition. He prescribed some steroid creams with a prescription shampoo, gave me a pat on the back, and wished me good luck!

Over the years I went through all of the trials and tribulations that come with seborrheic dermatitis. The emotions, personal experiences (some embarrassing), and the never ending circle or routines. Some routines would work for periods of time, some wouldn’t, and some would mysteriously stop working just when you think you’ve got it all figured out. One thing is for sure, there was a lot of trial and error, and many of ups and downs. If I actually think about the amount of money wasted on products and regimens that ended up in the trash bin, it’s enough to make my stomach queasy.

Well, it took a very long time, and many “Ah Haa!” moments, but I was finally able to resolve my seborrheic dermatitis many years ago, and live comfortably since. Moreover, I was able to develop a broad understanding of the condition, and how it correlates to my particular body. The end result, is my seborrheic dermatitis is 100% clear, with no visible signs of inflammation or skin condition.

One day I may update this page with more details covering those 20 years with seborrheic dermatitis. But for now, this story is about how this website came to be. A few years back I moved from the east coast to Los Angeles. Living in a very dry climate with such a high amount of air pollution was new to me, and to my skin. So one evening I decided to search for information, and stumbled across a forum on seborrheic dermatitis. Since I hadn’t researched seborrheic dermatitis for a while, I was interested to see if there was anything new out there. So I continued reading. What I saw almost knocked me off my chair. I was overwhelmed and horrified by the amount of misinformation and poor advice that was being provided on these forums. Much of it was careless or convoluted, and sending people on wild goose chases. It was especially gut wrenching to see so many people new to seborrheic dermatitis eagerly following advice that I knew would have disastrous results. I felt awful for anyone having to sift through this maze of misinformation which would ultimately never let them come to any conclusions.

So I decided to post an article and share some of my knowledge for the first time. Since this was really the only post I had ever written online, I used an email and screen name I had for video games called BullDancer (yes, I am bit of a man child), and started writing. I felt determined to try and clear up as much as I could in the post, and hopefully help others from drowning in the sea of nonsense I had witnessed online. I know how emotional, and even heartbreaking seborrheic dermatitis can be. So watching people proverbially drown, was not far off from watching them literally drown. I figured if I put this information out there, and it helped even just one person improve their life, it would be worth it. After finishing the post, I ended up receiving a few emails here and there, I gave some responses, and eventually went about my life without checking in.

What happened next was completely unexpected. I opened that same email for the first time in a few months, and there were floods of emails from people inquiring about the post. With the amount of emails, and responses directly on the forum, there was no way I could effectively keep up. I realized that I needed to elaborate if I was to try and answer questions. So after some feeble attempts at updating my original post and even trying a to create a free website, I realized I needed to do it the right way. So this website was created, and with much excitement.

It’s been amazing reading so many success stories that people have sent me over the last few years (see Testimonials if interested). I can’t explain how happy I feel for those people. It truly makes my day when I hear that this information has changed someones life for the better. So I hope that this website can continue doing that for others, and be a great resource for those suffering from seborrheic dermatitis.

When putting this website together I also wanted to make sure there was a good platform for communication, community, and the sharing of information. So I’ve added a Forum page where you can share your experiences with others, or create new topics you’d like to discuss. I try to stay active on the site, and look forward to interacting with everyone. I hope you enjoy it, and wish you the best on your journey!