Removing Makeup With The “S” Cure Sea Salt Regimen

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I quite often get asked about makeup removal, so I wanted to make sure to address this topic. While I know that sea salt does a good job cleaning the skin, I do not know how well it does removing makeup from personal experience (if anyone would like to let me know, I’d like to hear). Either way, many people ask if they can use a traditional cleanser to remove makeup with this regimen, or add one down the road. My best answer is, “okay”, if it works for you and doesn’t cause irritation. However, I would not use a cleanser until after your skin has healed and your seborrheic dermatitis has cleared with the sea salt. Also, I would probably only use the cleanser for removing the makeup, and then maybe consider washing the area again with sea salt. I say this simply to try and minimize any irritants that could be left on the skin from the cleanser. You risk drying out your skin by doing this, so be careful. Just make sure you use a cleanser that is very gentle and does not strip your skin.

Finding such a cleanser is not easy, but I would suggest only using a non-soap, oil free cleanser that does not have fragrance, parabens, or other know irritants. If your face feels too stripped or overly dry when using it, it should be used more moderately, or be discontinued. There are also many home remedies you could try for makeup removal, and those may be better solutions. If the remedy sticks to the basic principles of natural, oil/soap free, with no known irritants, it should be fine. I am not going to recommend any particular natural remedies for makeup removal, simply because I do not have personal experience with any of them.

As a general rule of thumb I would also stay away from anti-aging and strong acne types of ingredients like retinol or sacylic acid. A cleanser should be able to clean your skin without leaving your skin too tight or dry. That is a sign that the cleanser you are using is too strong. Some tightness is okay, but feeling like your face is about to crack like the Grand Canyon is not.

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4 Comments on “Removing Makeup With The “S” Cure Sea Salt Regimen”

  1. NutriBiotic Skin Cleanser (non soap) hypoallergenic, pH balanced, paraben free Removes

    makeup. I use the one for sensitive skin. Also comes in formula for dry or oily skin.

  2. Matt:

    I have seb derm on my forehead and have been using the Minera sea salt wash only on that area of my face for about a week. Some improvement, but the T-zone seb derm is very stubborn. What I have noticed is that my forehead is MUCH more oily since I started the sea salt wash. An hour after waking up and then throughout the day, my forehead looks like it is producing its own clear vasaline/Aquafor oil!

    The sea salt wash is very soothing, but it appears to be doing a poor job in removing excess oil that is often created by the seb derm/oil over-production disease itself. Of course, all that excess oil then seems to cause the seb derm symptoms to start re-appearing.

    Is it OK to utilize a very mild cleanser ( I am currently using Obaji Offects Hydrating Cleanser) to first gently wash the forehead to remove excess oil, and then follow that up with the sea salt cleanse (especially at night)? Most of the generic oil-removing cleansers like Cetaphil Oil-Control Foaming Wash actually have castor (vegetable oil) as one of their primary ingredients. Do I risk drying out my forehead by doing both the gentle oil-removing wash and then the sea salt cleanse?

    I can’t use any moisturizers on my forehead (especially Aveeno) – all of them make the forehead skin angry, pimply, and inflamed. I have even tried oil-free moisturizers (like Dr. Dennis Gross) in that area to no avail.

    Thanks so much!

  3. Hi Matt, I’m yet to try the makeup eraser, but apparently it does wonders. It’s a special type of fabric that removes make up without the use of any products! You can google it or check out this BuzzFeed review.

    PS Thank you so much for creating this website. I am new to your site and really appreciate all of the resources.

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